Friday, December 27, 2013

Life is Good

It's reveal day at Off the Rail Scrapbooking the challenge for the next two weeks is to use this sketch together with the this color palette.  

Color challenges are the most difficult ones for me.   

Here is what I came us with.  

Hope you have some extra time and join in the fun.
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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Week Two - December Daily

This week was full of adventure.  Natalie had two days of choirs at school and our family went on a little weekend getaway.
December 9 & 10
 Here is another day dedicated to Snowflake.  He opened my candy canes and gave them to all the Santas, then he decided to ride the reindeer.
 A Pirate's Christmas, day 1
Natalie is in the Choir and today was the first of 2 performance at the school.  She was supposed to
paint a mustache but she refused to do so, she can't look like a boy.
 This is a tag with all the pirates on stage, I think they all looked so cute.
They did a wonderful job.
 Journaling tags.
 Day 11 & 12
 Day 2 of a Pirate's Christmas.
Another wonderful performance.  The drama kids did great today.
 I'm going to put ornaments here, need to send the pictures to print.
Day 13
We took a short trip to Tarpon Springs,  We left Miami at 5:30 stopped for breakfast at Cracker Barrel and continue on our way. We got to the hotel room around 10:00am.  f course
The view from our room.  Stan was suppose to play golf but her hurt himself the weekend before so no golf for him. We took a long nap (we did that all weekend). 
My sister decided that we should go to Mickeys Christmas Party an 1 1/2 away. 
We left for the Magic Kingdom around 4:30pm, although I said we should leave around 2:30 so avoid traffic, of course no one listens to me so a 1:30 hr drive took 3:00 hours.  Padrino was livid (he is always livid not a happy person at all) got there and he never got over the 3 hour drive, therefore making all of our lives miserable. 
 The castle that evening turn so many different colors and one looked more beautiful than the other.  My favorite one with this one with the shades of blue and purple.  The Parade was also stunning every character came out that evening.

 I made this little tri= fold, I have so many pictures I wanted to add to this little book and had to thinks of ways to do it, without making it any thicker than what it already is.

 Day  14
 Saturday morning Stan and Padrino made breakfast, while us girls got ready to go.
Today is all about Padrino and his Greek heritage, he was so much happier this morning.
We loved this town, so  quaint and filled with everything Greek, so if you don't like everything Greek don't go there LOL!  We love Greek food and we had some amazing food.
We also did a lot of shopping and Stan bough sponges in every size, shape and form.
We bought Olives by the gallon, grape leave to last a year, oregano, cheese and what ever else we saw that we loved. We had lunch at Costas and Dinner at Hellas both delicious.  The best part of it all were all the amazing Greek deserts at Hellas they have their own bakery and their deserts are to die for.
We are going back soon just for deserts.
 Day  15
 Drive home, we all had a pretty restful weekend and no one slept on the way back.  Natalie got real bored close to home and decided to play with Padrino's hair, with her stinky feet.  Those little toes of her created amazing hair styles.  Too funny!
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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Natalie's birthday invite

Made digi invites this year.  No time for much more.

 I made 20 of these for her class mates. 

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December Daily Week One.

 Here is the first week of my December Daily.  I always start with Thanksgiving then jump to December 1st.  I love documenting Thanksgiving and that is the night our little Elf comes to visit.
First pages.
page one has all these tags with pictures of the family.  There are pictures and journaling on the back of these tags also.
Page 2 is the morning after Thanksgiving and Snowflake appearing for the first time this year.
You flip that page and here is a picture of my kids and myself.  
I did a lot of journaling on the actual picture.

Day 1  
We did more this Saturday than what I can put into this little book.
We woke up early that morning, Natalie and Dad took a ride to Denny's while Monica and I followed in the car.  Natalie loves ridding that bike, I have no doubt one day she will be a biker chick.
 We also picked the tree that day, but not before Natalie and Dad rode to the farm stand to buy some tomatoes, eggplants and onions. Monica and I drove to the dollar store to see what we could find.
 These two are always clowing around.
Day 2 and 3
Natalie was sick today, but I had to send her to school.  She did call me a few hours later because she did not feel well and wanted my sister or myself to pick her up.  We did.
 Mr. Snowflake, up to his old tricks.  This year I'm scrapping him a little more since I don't know how many more times he will be coming to visit.  
Day 4  
 My anual Crema de Vie (Egg Nog), this is the bomb!!!
I'm actually making my second batch tonight.
 Finally the tree got the lights on.  But it took another two days before I started decorating it.
 Day 5
 Piano practice
 Natalie and I laying on the couch watching The Sound of Music Life.
I don't know if I loved it as much as I love the movie, but I enjoyed it.
Day 6
(I just realized my days are not right will fix it in my book)
 Natalie had her Christmas Day at school, Santa came to visit and they were taking pictures with him.
Stan and I had a Fundraiser at Night. 
We met our friend Shirly, Mike, Richard and Mel.  It was wonderful, there were lots of sports personalities and football players that I knew from when I was a young girl.

 This is one Tag that I placed a photo on both sides, need to do the journaling still.
You remember Dunk from the Harlem Globetrotters.
 Day 7
 In the morning Monica volunteered at the Hope Equestrian center, this was her first day and she really loves it.  
 Stan played golf for the Larry Little foundation, the person with him is Mercury Morris from the best Miami Dolphin team ever 1972.... 
Later that evening the girls came over and the adults enjoyed some fine wine and dinner and the
little kids ran around the house.  I love a full house.
 Day 8
 GATOR BOYS time....
Jimmy was at the Toy Run.
Natalie took her longest bike ride, she rode for a little over 50 miles at 6:00am. Monica, Anabel and I followed them, I was petrified of her riding for so long, she loved it. Don't scream she had a helmet on for that ride, she took it or for the 15 mph an hour ride into the park ( I wish she would of left it on). 
 Handling a gator, can you tell how excited she is.
 This one is fearless.
 Just playing around in the park, the veterans had this big flag and for a $1 donation we could take pictures in front of it.  
 Natalie and Jimmy.  Paul is her favorite and the only one she has not met.
Maybe next time.
 I you ever get the chance to visit Holiday Park on US 27 in Broward check them out it's pretty cool.  And the Airboat tour is great also.
This ends my first week, I have redone this book at least 3 times, I'm still not 100% crazy in love with it, but this year it will stay like this, I'm just happy I have been able to stay in track with it.

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