Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Another one from last night.  This one is for Let's Get Sketchy week one
This one was a lot of fun.

here is the sketch

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I had a great night of scrapping, why you ask? Because I was not tired for the first night in a long time and DH was the only one hungry luckily we had left over steak and salad, my oldest was at a friends and little Natalie was watching a movie next to me and my mojo was flowing I did two LO's last night and made 4 flowers, to use at a later day.  Guess the full moon and the stars where all lined up.

Here is one of the ones I did last night for Let's Get Sketchy June Week 2 Sketch.  Loved the sketch and I was able to scrap almost all of the pictures from this event that I wanted to scrap. 

 It also works for the Scrap Africa Challenge no 18 - Stencils, Paint and Paste.  I painted the heck out of this paper it was mauve I needed it to be more rustic so I painted it brown and used a damped paper towel to spread the paint thin.  I used a mask, gesso and some spritz.  


As always thank you so much for stopping by.  I will post my other LO later today when I get home, I was running late this morning.

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Monday, June 24, 2013

This is my Game!

For About a Boy Challenge, is to use circles on the LO.  I tried using paint, I don't know if I like it too much, but is one less LO I need to do.   

This boy loved the game, but he was horrible at it, lol.   

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Always up for a little fun.

I just fund a new or new to me Sketchy blog.  Let's Get Sketchy they have a challenge every week
check it out.  Going to see if I can work myself backwards to the first week of June on the last week of June, see how that goes.

These pictures are from a fundraiser dinner Ranch Roam benefiting the Boys and Girls Club of Broward last year 2012.  This year they had Gator Boys and can you believe I forgot my camera and all I had was my blackberry that took terrible pictures.  I was so upset.  I think they will be coming back for next years benefit and I will be taking my camera for sure.

Oh by the way .... HOW CUTE IS THAT GATOR??????

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My Girls

I used this one for two challenges, the first one was for About a Girl 15th of the month challenge. The challenge is to use bold colors, which went hand in hand with this week's challenge at CSI The colors to use are Red, Yellow, blue, white and not so orange, orange.  Plus they had this great sketch, it was just too perfect for the pictures I wanted to scrap.  I will use the sketch again, It's fantabulous!!

I don't know why this picture is not coming out right, but I have taken it 10 times so it is what it is.
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Monday, June 17, 2013

Sand Man

This one is for About a Boy June 1st Challenge, favorite summer activity.  Daniel still today loves to be buried in the sand.  

I'm loving scrapping all these old pictures of Daniel.
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On Vacation!!!

 I'm back,From a little Vacation to Williamsburg VA.  We went there for Tyler's "A" School 


He's the second from the left, or the talest one there.  Petty Officer Tyler Bostic.  

He joined the Coast Guard in 2011.

The graduation was beautiful, I love how the Coast Guard is such a close family, I guess because it's so much smaller than the other branches of the arm forces.  All the officers were very nice, they came by and introduced themselves and gave us a little update on what's next for them.

In Tyler's graduation class there where only 9 of them.  Now he is a Petty Officer and we could not be more proud.  Now Is Boston for a while.

Around 3:oopm a storm came in and all of Williamsburg and it's adjacent towns lost power. So we stayed in the hotel and napped and did we ever need it.
That evening we went out for dinner and the only restaurant opened, was a beautiful all you can eat buffet a little $$ but the food was delicious and so was the ambiance.  But around 9:00 the generator ran out of gas and the party was over. But we had our tummies full, and that is a good thing because nothing else was opened. 

Finally power came back around 8:30 am, and Tyler left not long after.  
and we started sight seen.  
Our first stop was Colonial Williamsburg.  Loved it.  I love all the old homes and all the history behind it.  

Little Natalie.

Then our next stop was James Town.  This was really nice although the Indian exhibit was closed because they had a small tornado and still no power.

Someone is not too happy!  Did you know that these came from Italy? 

My two beauties.

 Now I got new pictures to scrap.  Better get on it.
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Thursday, June 6, 2013


I did this for this week's challenge at CSI. 

The journaling is on the tag, it reads: Mom, always made it a point to celebrate our birthdays, even in the middle of communism she would gather supplies for months and what she could not get she would make, but we always had a big birthday with lots of family and friends.

Saturday, June 1, 2013


This one is for About a Girl Challenge, we had to use a Doily.
I'm enjoying using paint more and more, I wish I would of remembered I had just gotten a mani yesterday.  Oh Well this was so much fun.

I don't usually scrap 8 1/2 x 11  but I do like them for vacation pictures, it quick and easy.
This one is for our trip 2 years ago to Tyler boot-camp graduation from the Coast Guard.