Monday, June 17, 2013

On Vacation!!!

 I'm back,From a little Vacation to Williamsburg VA.  We went there for Tyler's "A" School 


He's the second from the left, or the talest one there.  Petty Officer Tyler Bostic.  

He joined the Coast Guard in 2011.

The graduation was beautiful, I love how the Coast Guard is such a close family, I guess because it's so much smaller than the other branches of the arm forces.  All the officers were very nice, they came by and introduced themselves and gave us a little update on what's next for them.

In Tyler's graduation class there where only 9 of them.  Now he is a Petty Officer and we could not be more proud.  Now Is Boston for a while.

Around 3:oopm a storm came in and all of Williamsburg and it's adjacent towns lost power. So we stayed in the hotel and napped and did we ever need it.
That evening we went out for dinner and the only restaurant opened, was a beautiful all you can eat buffet a little $$ but the food was delicious and so was the ambiance.  But around 9:00 the generator ran out of gas and the party was over. But we had our tummies full, and that is a good thing because nothing else was opened. 

Finally power came back around 8:30 am, and Tyler left not long after.  
and we started sight seen.  
Our first stop was Colonial Williamsburg.  Loved it.  I love all the old homes and all the history behind it.  

Little Natalie.

Then our next stop was James Town.  This was really nice although the Indian exhibit was closed because they had a small tornado and still no power.

Someone is not too happy!  Did you know that these came from Italy? 

My two beauties.

 Now I got new pictures to scrap.  Better get on it.
Thanks for stopping by.

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