Saturday, August 8, 2009

Summer Vacation

The kids and I were on Vacation last week in Naples, we had a great deal of fun.
The kids went to the beach, pool and riding 4 wheelers, they also went to the Ringlin Museum in Sarasota.

My poor son, he just did not know how to ride the 4 wheeler, finally when he was able to ride it he crashed against a tree. Oh Lord help me when he starts driving
Daniel and Danny

Monica playing at the pool

Cousins, left 2 right, Daisy, Daniel, Monica, Chantel and Natalie at the beach

Natalie at the Beach at Sunset

I also had the opportunity to meet with some of the ladies from Scrappinmojo.

Mojo Girls. left 2 right Sharon, Chryssy, Jan, Me and Terri

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