Sunday, January 27, 2013

Renaissance Ball

Benefiting the Prestige Club of Broward County.

What an amazing time we had.  The entertainment was amazing.  The food great and the company even better.  
Here are two LOs from the night.

This picture was taken just a few month after we arrived in the US, guess you can tell by the fear on my
father's face.  He was very scared and really only came because my mom was coming with us, with him or without him.  I don't think he ever felt right in this country.  
My aunt went to Cuba this Christmas and saw this picture in someones house took a picture of the
picture post it on facebook and I saved it to my desk top, played with it a bit of photoshop and got it
looking pretty good.  

I have always loved this photo of my mom and her parents and sister.  There is one sister missing and the only brother, he was always with his friends and the oldest sister got married when she was
15 and moved to another province, that's why they were never in any family pictures.

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