Saturday, November 2, 2013

Pre-Halloween 2013

We went for a short trip to Orlando to Halloween Horror Nights and to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween.  It was a big group.  

These are the kids.

From Left to Right:
Natalie, Mitchell, Tito, Grabriela, Karina, Monica, Isabela, Umber and Daniel (Javy is Missing).

Here they are again, Javy disturbing Daniel's space. (they all love to bother Daniel)

My Claudette, she was not a happy camper with this wig, can't you tell?  
She hated it and thought it looked horrible, I think it looked adorable, but I'm the mom. 

She smiled, a fake one but I was able to get a smile out of her.

 With mom, now she gave me a genuine smile, now she is ready for Mickey.  
Daniel and Monica  heading to Horror Nights. No thank you I love my Not So Scary Halloween.

BOO Scary Train Station

 The Not So Scary Group.  The young one and "THE GOLDEN GIRLS"! Left to right, Barbara, Daniel, Me and Mima (mom).  If you all go out with us you would know we really are like the Golden Girls. 

Can't you tell how happy she is now.

 With Princess Tiana and the Prince (don't know his name, you know the one who use to be a frog).

They were singing bluegrass acapella, they were great and their make up was probably the scariest thing that night. Pretty cool.

Part of the Parade, it was one of the nicest
parades I have seen in Disney.

 Look at the Castle, and all it's monsters.  The show was ok, did not like all the villains and it was very short.  but the lighting of the Castle was amazing.

If you have never gone to The Not So Scary Halloween, GO! the lines are only 5 to 10 minutes long, and all the rides are open, they give both kids and adults tons of candy, the fireworks are AMAZING!!! Nothing I have ever experience before and I have seen some pretty amazing fireworks but these are right there, they are coming at you from 3 different directions and what an ending WOW!!! Oh and did I tell you it was 62 degrees. Just PERFECT!

Now you asked about those teen and not so teen that went to Horror Nights over at Universal! Well, they stood in lines for hours just to walk through hunted houses to be scared.  Walked and walked for hours until 1:00am to be precise.  Then when they were tired of walking through the park, they had to walk to the parking lot and wait for my sister to pick them up, they were sooooooooooo tired they just wanted their mommys...LOL!!! Grown boys were crying of how tired they were.

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