Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Some of My Favorite Pictures

from out trip to Massachusetts and our stops along the way.

Kim's House in VA.

We had such a great time at Kim's the kids all got along after 5 years of Two Peas it was wonderful to meet Kim and her family in person. The kids all want to go back.

Mayflower Beach, Denis - Cape Cod, MA

Although we have great beaches less than 30 minutes away, this beach was probably one of the prettiest beaches I have ever seen, the sand was like flour white and soft, and in the water you could see your toes. It was like a Caribbean beach only with colder waters. We loved it, we even got a good tan with Aunt Mimi's concoction.

Plymouth Harbor, Plymouth MA

On our way back to Aunt Jane's from Cape Cod we spent the day in Plymouth, we went to see the Mayflower and Plymouth Rock (small Rock), we did a little shopping then we had dinner with the family at Woods, I just love eating there.

New Your SkyLine from NJ.

There is no place like this to take in the NY skyline. To me there is nothing in the World like NY, we were not able to stop there this time, but just looking from the NJ side let's you know the beauty that city offers. I went crazy with my camera. We visited my mom's best friend from childhood she lives 2 blocks from the Blvd.

Hershey Factory in Hershey PA.

On my way home from NJ, we get a text from Stan, take (so and so road) and go to Hershey PA, the kids will love it. So silly me, I never listen to him and I did then, I drove 3 hours out of my way for the kids, and, ok for me to have my chocolate fix. It is a whole world up there, they have an amazing Amusement Park with lots of roller coaster, water park and the chocolate factory. There is a lot to do, you really need a few days there to take in all there is to do. If you ever have the chance to go there, you will love it. In this picture we are getting ready to make our own chocolate bars, the kids just loved this. Natalie's eyes were bigger than I have ever seen them, I don't remember a time were all these kids were so excited.

K I think I've summarize our trip as best I can. Thank you for sticking to the end. Have a great day.


Debbie said...

Great pictures Diana! Sounds like you had a great vacation! I've been to Hershey Park, its about 2 hours from me. Great rides and who doesn't love chocolate!

Suzanne said...

How fun to meet up with 'net friends! Looks like everyone had a great time! :-)