Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Some Pictures from the Wedding

Pictures from Chantell's and Jeramey's wedding.

The Beautiful Bride
Chantell Nichole
My Nephews and Son
Mitchell, Daniel (son), Javier and Michael
DD Monica

Mom, with Grandkids
Mitchell, Monica, Daniel Jessica, Javier, Michael
Daisy, Isabella (Great Gran) Natalie and Ryan (great grand)
Missing are Marco,
Chantell and Natalie
My Honey and Me

Daniel and Monica (Babies)
Little Flower Girl
Natalie (My Baby)
Ryan and Natalie
Ring Boy and Flower Girl
Ryan got cold feet at the end I felt so bad for him.
The kids with me.
Chantell & Jeremy

Chantell and Daniel Dancing
Chantell and Grandpa dancing
Monica and Jeremy dancing

Cupid shuffle

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Dawn said...

What a beautiful family you have! Wonderful pictures. Can't wait to see what you scrapbook

Pat said...

Beautiful photos!!

CraftyGirl said...

Diana... these photos are great!! Everyone looks sooooo beautiful and it looks like you all were having so much fun!! Thanks for sharing these with us!!
barb :)

Suzanne said...

Wonderful photos, your family is beautiful! TFS

Tanya R said...

Thank you for sharing your happiness with us. Beautiful family!

Fern said...

Chantell is absolutely gorgeous!!! Hugs!!

li-bee-ti said...

Gorgeous photos! You all look so beautiful and happy!