Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Beginnings

This one is for the CSI Color Challenge, Red and Yellow are my favorite color combination.

Journaling reads: My 8th Birthday
I remember this day, it was my first birthday in the USA, mom was so happy to be able to buy everything without limitations (other than our "budget"). In Cuba she would have to stand in lines for days just to get the cake, sodas, food and just be able to get what was given to her, there were rations and once you met them that was it. So needless to say she went a little crazy. We had a lot of family and friends. My Dad did his usual gig (He was a singer). As you can see I got lot't of present, mom always laid them on the bed and we always took pictures, we did this for a long time. I still do it with the girls. Birthdays at Mima's are still the best.

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