Friday, June 25, 2010


I did this one for the Color Combo Galore

and I have been doing cards with the scraps, my scrap pile was growing faster than my pp stash so I decided that for the rest of June and July I would make cards with my stash. And I'm going to give it to our charity for auction in August.


CraftyGirl said...

Diana... this LO is soooo fun with all these colors!!! Love the flowers and ribbons... gorgeous!!
Barb :)

Colette Bate said...

ohhh, Diana, your idea to make cards with your scraps is a good one for sure. I used to do that a long time back and don't know why I stopped. I mean, it's so easy while you've got all the matching stuff right in front of you! I guess it's because I ended up with a bunch of cards and I just wasn't sending that many out.

But ... okay, here's my V-8 moment .. donate them to a charity auction??!!! BRILLIANT!! My oldest granddaughter goes to private school and each year they have a silent auction to help raise funds. I usually just donate cash ... but ... to donate a whole bunch of handmade cards??!!

Big giant hugs to you, girl! For inspiring me to do something 'good' with my scraps instead of just filing them away in an already tooo full drawer!

BTW ... thanks for letting me visit. Loved being here ... really fun and lots of inspiration, too! ;)


Litasteve said...

Love the flowers and ribbons... gorgeous!!
I really liked your article. Keep up the good work.
sending flowers to Poland

Fern said...

This is gorgeous!!! I have a little GD that would absolutely loooooove this!!!