Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Harry Potter

If any of you have the opportunity to get to Universal and check out the New Harry Potter Adventure do so, it's amazing, the whole experience is just incredible. :thumbup: I felt like a kid again and I don't usually get all excited about amusement parks, but this whole experience is fabulous. We had Butter beer and pumpkin juice. :crazy: (not my cup of tea, but we had to try it all) Shopped at the wand shop, the joke shop and a few that we did not even venture into because they were just too crowded. The ride is AMAZING, :thumbup: we rode it twice and if we had time we would of done it again.

Here are some of the pictures from Harry Potter. It was very crowded but oh so worth it.

Wand Shop. Yes we bought a wand

Joke Shop -- Nope No Shopping here just some window shopping. This place was amazing.

Harry's Castle and Ride

Daniel and Monica, they were in Heaven specially Daniel.

The Train, I wanted the kids to take a picture with the conductor but they just wanted to roam around and take all the experience.

No matter how wonderful your vacation is there is no place like home.


A l i c e. said...

that's amazing!
i wish i can be there!

Fern said...

Oh WOW, my daughter would love to go to this... The castle/ride looks totally amazing!!! TFS Hugs!!!

Fern said...
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